KIMSEN's Year End Party 2020 and New Year 2021 Celebration: "Mau Tet KIMSEN"

17/02/2021 13:11
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On January 28, 2021, KIMSEN's Year End Party 2020 & New Year 2021 Celebration took place at 5-star Sheraton Hanoi hotel with the theme "Mau Tet KIMSEN" ("KIMSEN New Year's Color").

Talking about Tet is referring to the party with a multitude of vibrant colors: the lucky red color of the envelopes, the green color of the blooming buds, the yellow color of the apricot blossoms, and the tender pink color of the cherry blossoms. Each color has its own meaning, and all have fused together to create a bold traditional Tet picture, engraved in the memory of each Vietnamese soul.

Attending the year-end party included the Board of Directors of KIMSEN Industrial Corporation:

  • Chairman cum General Director - Mr. Duong Duy Ngoc and his wife Ms. Tran Hai Yen
  • Mr. Chiang Chien Yu - Deputy Director General
  • Mr. Duong Minh Hai - Planning Director

And distinguished guests:

  • Mr. Yoshiki Tsuchida - Vice Chairman of the Members' Council of Kongo Industries Vietnam Company Limited
  • Members of Kongo Industries Vietnam Company Limited
  • Managers' spouses with all employees of KIMSEN Industrial Corporation.

The duet performance "Chuc tet moi nha" opening of Ngoc Nguyen, Van Anh brought a very bustling and joyful atmosphere to the party.

The song "Mua hoa tro lai", with the performance of the trio: Thuy Quynh - Minh Khue - Nguyen Nga and the dance group of  Hanoi office with sweet lyrics and graceful umbrellas.

After 7 years of construction & development, KIMSEN is now proud to be one of the high quality aluminum extrusion, components & modules manufacturers in Vietnam with modern production lines and equipment. Throughout the years, KIMSEN has been steadfast in the segment of high quality products, clearly defining the potential of the market for Aluminum products in particular as well as industrial products in general; thereby confirming the Vision & Mission of the business. In addition, the process of accompanying and developing of the collective of employees has shaped corporate culture, crystallized core values, uniting all of us in "KIMSEN House".

Year-End Party 2020 and New Year 2021 Celebration is a great opportunity for all members of "KIMSEN House" to sit together, look back on the changes and impressive transformations of KIMSEN in one last year.

Speaking at the party, the Chairman cum General Director of the Company - Mr. Duong Duy Ngoc also reviewed the milestones in 2020 as well as set out the company's strategic goals and development vision in 2021.

Also at the party, all the employees of the year were honored and awarded.

Mr. Chiang Chien Yu - Deputy Director and Mr. Duong Minh Hai - Planning Director awarded honorary certificates to Employees of the Year 2020

Mr. Duong Duy Ngoc - Chairman cum General Director of the Company awarded honorary certificates to Managers of the Year 2020

Mr. Duong Duy Ngoc - Chairman cum General Director of the Company awarded honorary certificates to individuals and collectives who won the Initiative of 2020.

The moment everyone has a toast to celebrate the year of Ox 2021 with lots of luck and success.

Different previous years, there has been an interesting change in the Year End Party of 2020. With the theme "Mau tet KIMSEN", the party brought colorful, attractive and also very different colors of KIMSENers. These new colors have been fully displayed through the surprising and interesting performances.

The song "Nam qua da lam gi" with the performance of singer Hoang Diep and the dance group

The extremely exciting and fascinating performance of singer Thuy Quynh through the song "Hoa co mua xuan" makes the atmosphere more exciting than ever.

In the colorful picture of life, the quiet and brilliant colors are always together, complementing each other to make the meaning of this life. The performance "Mot nam moi binh an" bearing the imprint of Vietnamese tradition and national identity through the performance of singer Van Anh and Yen Phong dance group brought meaningful and happy moments to the audience.

The youthful spring greeting with a modern style was performed by the duet Thuy Quynh - Minh Khue and the dance group of Hanoi office with the song "Tet don Xuan ve".

Interesting surprises came  the repertoire "Nguoi oi nguoi o dung ve".

Before coming to the vote for the favorite performances, KIMSEN gave valuable gifts to the luckiest guests at the party through a game called: "Don loc cung Than Tai".

8 lucky guests received a gift of an electric Kangaroo hotpot

and Than Tai presented the special prize of a 43-inch Toshiba TV to the lucky guest of the night

The party returned with the favorite performance voted by all the audience in the room. Each table will select their favorite performance by holding up the KIMSEN hashtag.

And 2 performances that won the audience's favor belonged to "Chuc tet moi nha" and "Mot nam moi binh an".

The party ended with a meaningful song titled "Uoc mo ngot ngao" by the performance of duet Ngoc Nguyen - Le Giang, Yen Phong dance group and especially the little angels of KIMSEN.

Nothing is better than the family reunited. It is also the sweetest dream of all of us, to be united with our dear family in the most important moment, to share the joy of welcoming a new year together.

The Party ended in the joy and excitement of all members. We wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year, a myriad things go accordingWishing our KIMSEN home a strong, growing with many new successes in 2021.

Let's take a look at the best moments of the party: