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With its lightweight strength and unmatched corrosion-resistance and durability, aluminum is widely used to build renewable energy platforms like solar panels and wind turbines.


KIMSEN Solar System is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which brings a high aesthetic to the product. KIMSEN also provides a wide range of solar panel components such as frames, railings, clamps, and racking systems for OEM or custom design. Aluminum components with anodized coating help the solar panels for strong weather adaptability, easy operation and maintenance.

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 DIRECT MANUFACTURER                                                                                                                 Get competitive advantage in pricing and support by working directly with OEM Manufacturer

 ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY                                                                                                           KIMSEN team is able to make modifications to the system as customer specific requirements

 LOGISTICS BENEFITS                                                                                                                                         Logistics savings is compounded by the convenience of sourcing direct the manufacturer, we provide   FOB and DDP terms as per your requests

 INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE & MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES                                                  As the supplier and manufacturer of the racking system, KIMSEN is more responsive to our customers     through direct product interaction enhanced by deep industry knowledge at all levels

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Solar Clamp Kit

Solar Clamp Kit