KIMSEN reaching out to world market

27/03/2020 14:26
Chia sẻ:
After the first successful export shipment in 2018, KIMSEN has continued to expand export market, participate more deeply in the global production and supply chain.

In July 2018, KIMSEN officially exported the first batch of products to the US. After this milestone, KIMSEN has constantly expanded to potential export markets in the world, including Japan, India, Taiwan…

In March 2019, KIMSEN continued exporting 10 tons of garage-structure products to Japan. This batch of products has met the special technical standards of the customer: It is anode coating with a thickness of up to 26 micrometers that helps to increase resistance as well as prolong product life.

Not only that, in August 2019, KIMSEN simultaneously exported 2 consignments to India and America. For a new market like India, KIMSEN exported 30,000 sets of NCP kit - a special aluminum-protection method that protects the product’s surface environmental corrosion. Whereas for the US, the export shipments had to meet very strict technical standards of customers. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for KIMSEN to continuously improve and proactively enhance internal strengths in the initial steps of reaching out to the international market.

The latest activity marking the KIMSEN Aluminum’s brand on the international market was the shipment of 17 tons of 6005 alloy architectural aluminum to Taiwan in September 2019. Although the implementation schedule is extremely urgent at the request of customers, KIMSEN still meets Taiwan's technical standards about extruded aluminum.

In the strategy of developing in the international markets, KIMSEN always considers the prestige and product quality as the top two priority factors. Facing the challenges in the aluminum market in recent years, the Board of Directors has always advocated flexible strategies to be able to proactively cope with movements of the market, and also be a pioneer in process & technology innovations to bring increasingly valuable products to customers.

With increasing openness and international economic integration, positive changes in export activities are a sign that KIMSEN ALUMINUM is gradually asserting the position of Vietnamese brands on the world industrial map. In the future, KIMSEN will continue to expand new markets, reach out to potential ries, towards sustainable development in the region and the world, thereby contributing more and more deeply into the global value chain.