Other Machining Techniques

1. Punching

What is Punching?

Punching is a method of pressure machining which uses pressure to create holes in the workpiece, the excess material when making holes will be scrap, the rest is the formation. This method uses a punching mold with a pestle and a mortar with a sharp edge to make holes in the product.

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Advantages of Punching method

  • Multiple holes can be created at the same time
  • The product is stable in both quality and geometric shape
  • Optimal application for machining batch, mass, standard product
  • Save machining time, take less labor and optimize production process
  • High economic efficiency, less waste products in production

Machining Techniques

Application of Punching method

  • Punching has important applications for the treatment of sheet metal for technically sophisticated products, such as for aerospace or electronics.
  • Create parts for the metal and construction industry, spare parts manufacturing industry...
  • Some common punches: flat punch, rotary punch.

2. Bending

What is Bending?

Bending is a method that uses a specialized tool to bend metal to create different curves.

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Advantages of Bending method

  • Can fabricate various curvature deformation such as C, U, S, circle and spring
  • Bends materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, and profile materials. Especially in the manufacture of aluminum doors.

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