Window & Door Frame

Combined with strength and lightness, the aluminum door frames give a modern and sharp line finish to your project. Its contemporary looks make it a priority of architecture, engineering, designers for building and domestic use.


Window & Door Frame


Aluminum Alloy 6063/6061


White, gray, brown, black

Temper Designations


Surface treatment

Anodizing/Powder coating/Wood grain coloring

Precision mechanical  processing    

Milling, cutting, drilling, etc.

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1.  Design Flexibility

In the same perimeter frame, doors can be configured up to six panels wide with fixed or operable panels and coupling members that join larger doors together. They also fill openings or create continuous glass facades.

2. Robust, durable and easy to maintain 

Aluminum is well known for its robust properties, especially when exposed to the elements. It is unaffected by UV rays, it will not rot, rust or bend. What’s more is that it is virtually maintenance-free, only requiring regular cleaning to keep it looking as good as new. 

3. Long-lasting colour and a high-end finish 

Any high-end range of aluminum windows and doors should have a sleek powder coat finish, which means that they never need to be painted as the finish offers excellent longevity. 

4. Easy to Install

For trouble-free installation, frames and panels, shipped in prefabricated knockdown kits, contain hardware and instructions. 

5. Energy efficiency

Because aluminum is light, malleable and easy to work with, its doors and windows can offer high levels of wind, water and air-tightness for optimum in-house energy efficiency, resulting in warmer, less draughty homes and lower energy bills. 

Aluminum is also recyclable, which significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of any aluminum windows and doors. In fact, recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the initial energy consumed to create it.