Mechanical & Electrical

With a system of modern precision mechanical processing machines, KIMSEN provides high quality extruded & die casting aluminum components, widely used in Mechanical engineering & Electronics.

KIMSEN has a diversified range of products, including:

  • Mechanical components: Motor housing, machine parts, etc.

  • Electrical components: Electronic box, Track lighting, Amplifier faceplate, etc.

  • Ancillary components: Jig and Fixtures.

  • Cleanroom Wall Panels

  • Other components tailored as customer request.

vỏ động cơ nhôm

Motor housing (Images source: Internet)

Heat sink

Heat sink

Jig các loại

Jig and Fixtures (Images source: Internet)

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4 Benefits of Machined CNC Aluminum Parts

Why you should choose KIMSEN’s aluminum products?

 High quality: KIMSEN’s aluminum products not only meet Vietnamese technical regulations QCVN 16:2019/ BXD, ASTM B221/B221M-14 but also meet international product standards such as Japanese Industrial Standards JIS H 4100:2015, European Standards EN 755-9:2016.

Production progress: Fast & timely production progress.

 Value-added services: Precision machining services and surface treatment solutions; labeling and delivery services...

 Technical consulting: With a team of experienced engineers, KIMSEN is confident to bring optimal technical solutions to customers.

Advantages of KIMSEN's aluminum products

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Easy to fabricate & elastic.
  • High aesthetic.
  • Multi forms & colors, tailored as customer's drawings.
  • Non-magnetic & non-toxic.
  • Recyclable.


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